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Book an Online or Video Consultation with a Vet for just Rs. 149/- (Rs. 299)*


Call or Whatsapp : +91-91122-03399 to book an appointment with a Vet for Online or Video Consultation.



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After the booking/ payment, we will schedule an appointment for a Video call via ePets App, WhatsappGoogle Meet or Zoom.

Talk to our vets from the comfort of your home on a Video Call and discuss anything related you your Pet's Health Wellness & Wellbeing.

Our vet will help you resolve your pet’s issues with simple AT-HOME remedies, diet changes, exercises, OTC veterinary medicines/ health supplements or even Prescribe Medicines.

In case your pet’s problem needs advance care or something that can't be resolved over remote consultation, we will recommend taking your pet to a nearby Vet, Clinic or Hospital for (Physical Examination, Injections, Pathology or Radiology or other Diagnostics, Physio or Hydro Therapy, Surgery, Hospitalization or Intensive Care) as required.

ePets gives you a 3 day follow up time to make sure your Pet's issue is resolved to your satisfaction and your Pets are Healthy & Happy.

NOTE: Online or Video Consultation is recommended for minor issues (health, diet, behavior, lifestyle) and NOT for Emergencies that need immediate, advanced or intensive care/ hospitalization.

Our Vets will contact you over a Video call via Whatsapp or Google Meet (so make sure you provide the CORRECT Mobile Number & eMail during Checkout).

In case the Vet prescribes medicines, the prescription will be sent via Whatsapp and/ or eMail.

Currently our Vets provide consultation in Hindi, English, Marathi & Kannada languages. Please choose your preferred language during the appointment scheduling. We are in the process of adding Vets from other states (fluent in their regional languages) to our panel and the list of languages will soon include Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Urdu.

Video or Online consultation with a Vet is best for secondary veterinary opinion, pet behavioral consultation, health & wellbeing, food & diet, skin & fur related issues, minor injuries, puppy care & guidance, lifestyle & exercise.

Don't forget to rate the doctor and share your experiences which will help other pet parents make informed decision in selecting a vet based on your reviews and ratings.

* Discounted/ Offer Price of Rs. 149 per consultation is valid for a limited period only.

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